Welcome to MCET Engineering College

Computer Lab

MCET Engineering College (Multimedia Computer and Engineering technology), a well-reputed diploma engineering institution of Bangladesh which is striding ahead with its mission to impart quality education to our young generation.

MCET is a Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) affiliated and government approved private polytechnic institution founded in 2000 by Engr. Syed Manirul Islam

  • MCET is the first non-government marine and shipbuilding Engineering College.
  • MCET is the first College to provide "Job Field Education" after China, Korea and Japan.
  • Free classes are given to students who are weak at studies.
  • Everything is taught thoroughly in class, So that students do not need to seek any private help.
  • Regular assignments are given and year end exams are taken, So that students become more focused and confident in their studies.
  • Students can get daily update about their class schedule education related information by visiting out site www.mcet.edu.bd their student ID and Password to log in.

MCET is an ideal institution for on job education and job field education.

Engr. Syed Manirul Islam
Chairman, MCET